How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the same story here.

Must Be This Tall To Ride

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I was going to write a book.

I was going to get in the best physical condition of my adulthood.

I was going to maybe find a girlfriend.

Fail, fail, and more fail.

I wrote a third of a book. I worked out every day for a stretch and was feeling good and then let the holidays totally derail my efforts instead of maintaining a disciplined routine. I continued to be shy and cowardly out in the world and never met anyone I could realistically have a long-term relationship with for one reason or another.

It does make me a failure. But it doesn’t make me weird. About 92 out of 100 people failed to meet their New Year’s resolution goals in 2014.

That paltry 8% success rate is expected to continue in 2015.

Do you want to be the kind of person who fails to achieve their goals but…

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So long since my last post! I was feeling a bit down and lazy today so I decided to just check up on the blog. Reading back my posts, I realised that there are many silly grammar and spelling mistakes! Sorry- will try to make them more error free from now on.
Anyway, for the last month or so, I have really been taking the whole ‘target’ thing seriously. I have one target in mind and I have been working my butt off to achieve it. I have not been ‘spreading myself too thin’, but there have been many setbacks. So I keep updating my plans and am still going through with it. I have one more month of pure dedication left. This is kind of the reason why I haven’t been posting. I have also just completely blocked off everything else and I’m trying to focus because this goal is so important to me.

I don’t think I’ve been so focused before. I can see the progress and the work really does pay off as long as you keep at it. There WILL be those lazy days, so it’s okay to take some days off, but when it’s time for work- YOU MUST PUT IN THE EFFORT!


It’s simple really.

Also, some keep tips to get you through:

1) Plan!
What you want to achieve and how you’re going to work towards it. Adapt your schedule to your personality. Eg: if you’re a morning person, dedicate morning time for the most important work.

2) Track your progress.
It doesn’t have to be a complicated chart with every single detail! Just something that allows you to see how you’re progressing. Keep it simple.

3) Make the necessary changes.
Very likely that not everything will work out perfectly on day 1. So make changes; look out for what is working and what isn’t. This is the only way you will move forward.

That’s all!

Hopefully this time will be the charm.

Having a vision


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So a month has passed since I started this blog. The intention was to simply have a place where I can write about things that I come across in my day to day life. When I started this blog, I really felt like I needed to change my lifestyle because I didn’t like the type of person I was becoming. So I started with this whole new lifestyle plan and I did stick with it for a good time but then I just stopped caring.I ended up back to square one, again disappointed with myself. So I had a good think about why I always end up in the same position and here is what I’ve come up with:

I’m one of those people who see a new opportunity and simply go for it. This I think is great but then I see another opportunity and then I go for that one too and then another and another and so on- you get the point.  I spread myself too thin and so in the end I’m actually left with missed opportunities. I never actually am able to fully dedicate myself to that one opportunity and really make the best out of it. This was one of my main issues this month. 

This leads me nicely to my other point. Do you see that I was on the right track and that I was really trying to make the most of everything? But this led me to spiral down. WHY? How do others do it? Well, after giving it some thought and researching a bit, the answer is simple. I started this blog because ‘I didn’t like the type of person I was becoming’ but then I never actually gave much thought to really who I wanted to be. I had vague ideas and I had my little goals that I wanted to achieve but I never thought of the whole picture! I never put those little goals in context. This meant that I wasn’t able to prioritise properly and why I always just ended up where I was. I lacked vision. This also meant that it was always easy for me to create lazy options when it came to doing the work and putting in the effort.

Now I think I’ve found the issue so I’m going to put it into practise this month. If you feel like you’re in the same position as me then do this with me. Get a pen and a paper and just write your vision for the end of this month or perhaps for the end of next month. Don’t go crazy and try to be realistic. Set your vision and then of course make the small targets that you will need to achieve to live that vision. Let’s do this! 

What’s Possible Today?

We must take the leap. It really is up to us.

Must Be This Tall To Ride

Possibilities word cloud

Marital status aside—my life looks a lot like I thought it would when I was growing up.

I live in the Ohio suburbs. I’m middle class. My child goes to Catholic school now, just like I did.

When I was a kid, I didn’t really know what marriage would look and feel like, so I didn’t spend a great deal of time imagining it.

When I was a kid, I didn’t really understand what separates the financial winners from the losers. And I still don’t. I often feel like a complete failure. But compared to many people (the statistical majority, actually), I’m really doing quite well.

I hold myself to pretty high standards. And maybe that’s not psychologically healthy. But I don’t know how to quit. And I’m not sure I’d want to if I did.

Ask me why I’m 35 and have never been promoted at any of my…

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Who just needs a good talk?


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I wasn’t actually expecting any followers so I was quite surprised when I saw you guys. I wondered why you would want to follow me and then I realised that unintentionally, I created like this motivation/ getting back on track kind of blog. So let me make your follow worthwhile.

I found this dude on YouTube and he simply keeps it straight and gets to the point. He doesn’t do the whole “cheerleading” you about how awesome you are but really just puts a clear perspective forward for you to evaluate your life yourself.

do check out his stuff :

New eating plan that worked for me (day 12)


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I always start the day with determination to eat “healthily” but that just never works. I’ve tried it so many times but I always fail. So what do I do? I made a new plan and it actually helped me improve my eating habits and that is what I’m going to share here. I realised that the main reason I fail is because I always give into temptation when the time comes. I love food but I was eating a lot, until my belly felt like it was going to explode and the food wasn’t exactly healthy either. I desperately needed a change. My new plan was to simply plan. Yes, I decided to simply plan my meals for the next day and stick to that plan. That way I don’t allow my mind to trick me with things like ‘oh, eat more, you can have a healthier dinner to balance this unhealthy meal’ etc etc.
It sounds really simple but I did face some problems. Firstly, I started too extreme; I planned every meal and snack to the dot. This didn’t work because I realised it was too much of a change and that “giving into temptation” thing was still present. I gave in when I saw that fried chicken.
That failed because I was asking for too much from myself and the transition was quite a big step. I decided to make it easier. I decided to make a plan but everyday, allow for 1 unexpected meal. This means that I will allow myself to give into temptation. I won’t stop myself if they cook something really yummy at home. I was allowed to have 1 unplanned meal. I wasn’t as restricted and everything just felt easier.
This really helped me and worked for me but that does not mean it will work for everyone but it’s worth a try. I just thought I should share it and would love to hear what you have to say.

Update- Day 3 of waking up on time


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-on day 3 I had set the alarm and I got up, walked over to the alarm clock and turned it off. My goal is to just walk out to the bathroom as soon as I can and do that without looking back at my warn, comfy bed. I could have walked out, I was so close to the door and I was about to, but a voice in my head said ‘you slept a bit late last night, go back to bed, you don’t need to wake up now’ and it felt like that voice just made more sense, the point was simply incontrovertible! So I went back to bed and woke up really late and that just killed off my plans for the day.
Well done.
Goal for next time- ask that voice to come brush his teeth with you because everything coming out of that mouth is doodoo.

It’s because you allow it.


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Today is day 5 and although I started the day well, I really am not in my best form at the moment. Making plans is easy but sticking to them is hard. This however can be done with discipline and effort. So I guess it’s just about me making that extra push.

However, another thing that seems to be out of my control is my own mind. I want to improve, I want to do this and that but without my mind focused, I am nothing. I seem to keep babying myself and try to make myself feel better by saying things like ‘everyone goes at their own pace’ or some bullshit like that. Yes, everyone has a way they work but I really seemed to be doing nothing. To really get a good feel of my point, I can only ask you to think back to perhaps a month or 2 months ago or to your birthday or back to New Years. Think about the goals you had set yourself and write them down. Now mark whether or not you achieved them. You may had achieved most of them, in which case well done and please share your tips! However, some of you may only have like 1 tick out of 5 or none at all. Now that’s a crap feeling. Why haven’t I achieved them and why am I not working on them now? Ask yourself these questions. This is exactly what I am asking myslelf.
The answer is because I allow myself. I tell myself, ‘it’s okay, it’s not that important’ or ‘you have other things to worry about’ or ‘just be happy with the fact that you tried’. Nonsense.

I really admire people who make something of themselves and most of the time they inspire me and I take them as a source of motivation but on days like today, I feel depressed when I see exactly what I want but don’t have. And I can blame no one but myself for not making the best out of everyday. So what do you do? Baby yourself more? Tell yourself you will start tomorrow? No. Start now. Start by setting yourself that goal and keep focused on the target. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR MIND TO BABY YOU. KEEP AT IT.

Key tip: not too many goals (start with max 2)
And keep them short term (which could all be leading to a long term one) so you are constantly evaluating your progress.